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Volume 0


Why Walden

Antonio Portanova

Chapter 1

Being Nature

Davide Sapienza

Chapter 2

A Tribunal for Earth: Why it Matters

Cormac Cullinan

Chapter 3

Man and the Forest: Imagined Forests

Marco Paci

Chapter 4


Introduction – Piergiacomo Pagano

Chapter 5


Arne Næss – Piergiacomo Pagano

Chapter 6

The Systems View of Life

Pier Luigi Luisi

Chapter 7

The Invitation

Barry Lopez

Chapter 8

Walking is a Mill

Davide Sapienza

Chapter 9

Salvage Island

Uncertain Places – Franco Michieli

Chapter 10

The Lost Children’s Colony

Sandro Bassi

Chapter 11

Walden: a Book

Gerardo Mastrullo

Chapter 12


Dimitri Marchant

Chapter 13


A Top-Down Revolution – Enessere’s
Alberto Tessaro Interview – Antonio Portanova

Chapter 14

Man and Nature in Miyazaki

Luca Raffaelli

Chapter 15

Trees and Childhood: Miyazaki, Buzzati and Rigoni Stern

Pietro Bassi

Chapter 16

Revisiting Fukuoka

Robert Norris

Chapter 17

Wilderness and Poetry

Matteo Meschiari

Chapter 18


Simona Piccolini

Chapter 19

Landscape as a Space for Biodiversity

Carlo Ferrari

Chapter 20

Dino Campana and Nature

Sandro Bassi

Chapter 21

Adders’ Grove

Sergio Mantovani

Chapter 22


Martin Vlach

Chapter 23

Fresh Fish

Arianna De Micheli

Chapter 24

A Place of Figures

Erin Stead – Emilio Varrà

Chapter 25